6 secrets to double your ARPDAU

With this article, we want to share more insights on how we double your free-to-play game market performance. That is exactly what happened with our case example, Traffic Puzzle, since we published it and partnered up with amazing Picadilla team.

The biggest secret — incredible and smart people playing together as a team.

In our earlier articles, we’ve been talking a lot about our culture code and how we had gotten so far, but we feel like we haven’t yet cast enough light on the most critical element behind our success. It’s the people we have on board and the way we’re playing together. We believe that’s the big game-changer here.

Over several years of conquering the gaming market in different genres and cultures, they (the Huuuge Publishing Team) teamed up at Huuuge Games to help talented developers across the globe make the impossible possible.

Who are they? From right to left: Chris Kusak (Head of Publishing), Lukasz Miadowicz (Publishing Manager) and Pawel Pochowski (Publishing Specialist). These 3 fearless men travel all around the globe to meet with creators who share the same values — are humble and hungry, determined to be successful, familiar with the rapidly changing market practices, and love games.

But it’s not only about the fame and glory of the 3 bold BDBoyz (Business Development Boys ;) ) — there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes and many more amazingly talented people are involved.

Watch the interview with Chris Kusak, our Head of Publishing
Game Launcher Islamabad 2019 with Google and Telenor
Adi Hanin, Executive Director, Corporate development, Special Ops at Huuuge Games during Casual Connect London 2019
Huuuge BDBoyz ✌🏻
Vietnam App Summit 2019

1. Distribution and performance marketing

Huuuge Publishing is backed by one of the largest mobile marketing teams in the industry — a team of 50+ world-class specialists such as media buyers, analysts, artists, social media managers supported by a team for regional APAC marketing activities in Hong Kong. They’re all waiting to make magic happen for your title ensuring the best distribution support for your game thanks to well-established, long term partnerships with platform holders (Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook).

2. Product know-how and feedbacking

We provide tailored and individual support for your game including providing feedback, testing, QA, and knowledge sharing. We jump into action right away, answering all your needs and doubts and pointing out things that should be improved in the game to make it a shining diamond among other titles in the stores.

3. Advanced analytics

Thanks to our Technology Team, we developed our own analytics platform which collects data from our games each day. Based on players’ preferences, all product and marketing decisions are powered by this powerful analytics tool. We want to use these state-of-the-art tools to help you power up your games too.

4. Monetization know-how

We provide comprehensive feedback on how to set up each game parameter to assure the most effective product monetization. To help your efforts, you can count on our Unity-powered ad monetization framework that has been optimized for maximum eCPMs and revenue. We only work with the best and most effective ad networks.

5. ASO and Marketing tactics

Our secret is an in-house product called HSO (Huuuge Store Optimizer) which allows us to perform pre-release a/b tests on both store listings & game titles. You can gain a Huuuge store advantage and have your game optimized way before the official launch!

6. Financial support

Depending on your particular needs we deliver financial support for your project, team or even the whole studio! Our key KPI is to build long-term relationships with the best talents around the world and support them whenever necessary!

Our first (and not last!) success story

There were many reasons behind our decision to cooperate with a Polish developer, Picadilla, and release their game, Traffic Puzzle. First of all, the team did their homework — they provided us with all necessary store metrics, confirmed crew’s capacity for daily improvements to make it the best experience for the players.

From the very beginning, they were open to receive our feedback on how to increase player engagement and what’s most important. The team delivered a high-quality product which, thanks to our joint effort, became a perfectly working service. From its launch in June 2019 only on the Google Play store, the game generated over $1M in revenue and over 0,5 ARPDAU in only the first 8 weeks. How awesome is that?

What we’re searching for?

We are actively looking for games in the free-to-play business model, both already live in the stores (Google Play Store, App Store) and release candidates (soft-launched would be awesome too, so we can collect data to analyze). On top of that, we’re constantly seeking talented developers to build long term cooperation and partnership, so that we can reach the stars together! We truly want to help all games deliver a unique experience for the players all around the world.

What should you do next?

If you’d like to become a part of the winning Team, play together: join us and publish with us!

We’re a gaming company on a mission to build the world’s largest real-time casual gaming platform empowering billions of people to have fun & play together.