Effective not glamorous Agile change. How to use peoples’ relations and overcome resistance

Agile change is all about interactions & individuals over tools & processes, it’s about satisfying the customer through the early and continuous delivery of valuable software. To succeed in Agile adoption plenty of people need to change their mindset, and this kind of an is the hardest kind to achieve.

Have you ever wondered why some organisations succeed in their change and some struggle to sustain it? You wish to know how to start your next attempt at Agile change with a bigger chance of succeeding? …

Anton Gauffin, Huuuge CEO;

The next chapter

On August 31st, we announced that a prospectus relating to a potential IPO had been filed with the Warsaw Stock Exchange, although no final decision has been made about whether our shares will be listed, it highlights how far we have come since the company’s humble beginnings 18 years ago…

Huuuge Games

We’re a gaming company on a mission to build the world’s largest real-time casual gaming platform empowering billions of people to have fun & play together.

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