How to create a game code that can be sold for 40 million dollars?

Value the product from the perspective of the potential buyer, not from your personal finances.

We have to face the fact that it is not about the code, it is about the product. Poor code can only be a deal breaker.

  • Product already has a user base, which should simply return an investment
  • Title/series is already well known, so the game has a potential for strong organic growth
  • By having all major games in a category, buyer can create oligopoly on the market and in result decrease cost per install (less competition)
  • There is a long-term vision for improvements, which will give better performance

No one will love your code, if you do not make them love it.

Prepare an environment for remote configs

Wrap your game with analytics

Separate logic from visuals

  • It’s not straightforward and some junior programmers don’t know how to do separation
  • It slightly increases the initial development time
  • Team is not aware of the problem until it occurs for the first time

Avoid custom solutions for complex systems

Don’t spread similar code all over the code

  • Input system scattered in plenty of objects that are updated each frame
  • Invoking analytic events by string from all over the place
  • Localization components “hardcoded” to specific places
  • Creating similar assets for UI elements

Keep it in English across the entire project

Try to keep your processes simple

Optimization, optimization and once again optimization

Organize folders by content, not by people

Final thoughts



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