Huuuge Games is at it again! Create your fantasy amusement park in this relaxing match-3 game — Matchland !

The Matchland game is all about fun and joy since it takes place within the 1960s’ timeline — one of the most prolific and creative times at all. Within the game, players will be able to find their way to happiness, peace and quiet, and their signature style in design.

The main idea of the game is to restore the amusement park of 1960s to its former glory and bring back colorful place of fun to the citizens of Dyson City. Adventures await everyone interested in the era of freedom, romance, and rock’n’roll. Plunging into the age of Elvis, Marilyn, and Buzz is what our game is about. In the Matchland game, players can build, restore, and decorate their park — only players decide what the park will look like. Unlocking new areas in the huge park simulation such as broken amusement rides, lighthouse, food areas and many more — is another formula for success and having fun.

Throughout the gaming process, players will witness an unpredictable storyline in the world of garments, fancy haircuts, vintage guitars, vinyl records, and designed Cadillacs. To put it shortly, players will experience the authentic 1960s era, and, on top of that, will follow romantic storylines (our love triangle storyline will leave nobody indifferent) and a series of mysterious and sometimes spooky events. Players may also interact with all in-game characters — watch them live their lives and be part of it.

The game allows players to enjoy lively action-packed match-3 levels. All the match-3 levels are unique handcrafted levels from our best level designers and contain wonderfully designed and fun mechanics and elements. For instance, we believe that our gummy bears are the tastiest and the jelliest (also, be sure that no gummy bear was harmed in the making of match-3 le vels)!

Especially keen players of match-3 levels can ask for and receive lives from their friends to keep on playing, or even compete with them going up in the leaderboard!

Matchland is waiting for you!

Matchland game has been in development since 2017 and is finally available worldwide on iOS and Google Play . Download it now and let us know how you like it!

We always appreciate your candid feedback and those 5-star reviews that you players give when the game is awesome!



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