Huuuge Games teams up with Double Star and goes on a global hunt with Bow Land — releases a new Hybrid-casual game

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3 min readFeb 20, 2020

Huuuge Games extends its publishing portfolio with a new Hybrid-casual game “Bow Land” and starts a strategic partnership with Finnish gaming studio Double Star.

The result of the joint efforts of Double Star and Huuuge Games would be a delivery of a cutting-edge free-to-play mobile action game “Bow Land”, that takes elements from all the popular genres.
On top of a riveting gameplay mixing roguelike elements with exploration and fast-paced combat, Bow Lands offers appealing and exciting visuals. On top of offering a mixture of roguelike elements with exploration and fast-paced battles, Bow Land has an appealing and exciting visual setting. Close cooperation between the Publisher and Double Star emphasizes the motto of Huuuge Games — #PlayTogether. Backed by Huuuge’s world-class publishing capabilities and its deep knowledge of the market insights, Double Star can focus on creating an amazing experience for players all around the globe.

Bow Land is available in selected countries during its soft-launch phase. The game will premiere during upcoming months and will be available on both leading platforms with many new levels and features. The game trailer is available here.

“The combination of Huuuge’s marketing knowledge and Double Star’s development efficiency gives the opportunity to turn Bow Land into a game to be remembered. The partnership will enable Double Star to grow and focus on what they’re good at: efficiency and high quality,” said Double Star co-founder, Tuomas Erikoinen.

Huuuge Publishing & Double Star Team: Krzysztof Kusak; Tuomas Erikoinen; Petri Räsänen; Paweł Pochowski; Łukasz Miądowicz;

Double Star is a 5-month-old mobile games startup from Finland founded by Tuomas Erikoinen and Petri Räsänen. Tuomas previously founded Part Time Monkey. The studio focused on creating high quality casual and hyper-casual games with exceptional efficiency, eventually releasing more than 15 games with downloads exceeding 50 million. Prior to that, Tuomas created the original art for the famous Angry Birds and co-founded another studio Boomlagoon.

Petri has been in the game industry for over 10 years focusing on both game art and creating complete prototypes. Previously Lead Artist at Seriously, he designed the core in-game visual style for multiple mobile titles including the popular Best Fiends.

“Bow Land is an amazing game. From the very beginning, we’ve been very keen on having it in our portfolio. The game has everything it needs to ensure an amazing time for all mobile gamers — half-open 3D world, exciting combats, exploration and, on the top of that, beloved by the players roguelike elements. We strongly believe that thanks to our knowledge and support Bow Land will be a global success,” said Developer Relationship Director in Huuuge Publishing Krzysztof Kusak.

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