It is a story about SISU.


The Finnish word “sisu” is about not giving up. Anton Gauffin is the founder and CEO of Huuuge Inc., a mobile gaming company. Anton grew up an hour and a half from the Arctic Circle in Finland. A place where the Baltic Sea ice melts in June, with temperatures below zero degrees Celsius — 32 degrees Fahrenheit — six months out of the year. In December, the sun rises — albeit slightly — at 10.29 AM.

The Pillars of Success

“While we were implementing those tough decisions, we were engaging with various investors. By becoming cash flow positive, we were able to close the series A round. That was a big relief after fighting cash flow issues for so long. There have been battles since, and there’s always gonna be some battles in the future, but the danger in 2015 was very real, and Huuuge Inc. was awfully close to the edge, if not half-dead already.”

Not about all-nighters

Psychologist Angela Duckworth has been researching grit for quite some time. In 2007 she defined the trait with colleagues as “perseverance and passion for its long-term goals”.



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