The Huuuge Conquest — Social Casino goes even more social!

The Social Casino market is becoming more and more competitive. However, Huuuge Casino did not slow down and emerged as one of the most dynamic titles in this sector. A few years back Huuuge, as the first brand introduced with successful innovative Clubs competitions, thus created a subgenre. In 2022 we decided to make it even a step further and build a new dimension of Team competition.

We introduce a new feature that tries to appeal not to single players but whole teams. Huuuge Conquest is a somewhat novel approach in casinos and creates an avenue for more meaningful collections, team awards and decorations.

This tournament includes an invitation to all club members allowing them to play the game together. — says Stav Klauzner, Product Manager at Huuuge. — This two-way relationship adds meaning to both the slots and the club feature.

Usually, players can either create a club with friends or join an existing one. Thanks to our new feature, the players receive rewards for themselves, as well as they, can help out their fellow members. Huuuge Conquest would be a great example of catering to a competitive audience. Not only do they offer different team matches, but also chances for clubs to win league points and progress further. Huuuge Conquest presents a comprehensive competition, with a structure that both challenges and rewards players who continue to play and progress within the app.

These features added incentives beyond the core game, by giving players new and regular challenges. It gives players a great opportunity to look forward to the team competition, even if they don’t win personally — underlines Stav Klauzner. — Team players really appreciate added value to complement the core game.

Team gameplay and group progression are an important part of social gaming. We would like to give our players a more complex experience than one that focuses simply on winning individual matches or sessions.

At Huuuge we are focused on games that are easy to play, great for small breaks and longer sessions alike, and designed around our social-first, “play together” ethos. The concept of playing together with others is central to the approach to our game design. That’s why we introduce Huuuge Conquest at both of our core franchises Huuuge Casino and Billionaire Casino.

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