Under the Hood of Effective Game Testing

Right Time, Right Place

Always About the Quality

“Gorilla Jam” Testing Rush

“Gorilla Jam” Testing
  1. Requirements’ Validation
  • the current test plan status (% of test cases and tasks that have been tested)
  • link to the test plan in Jira
  • the list of critical defects/blockers + links on Jira
  • the recommendations for the release (from the QA perspective should be released or required additional work)

Manual Testing vs. Game Test Automation

Having Well-Balanced Team

False Expectations from Automated Tests

  • Manual QA can easily write test scripts
  • All the game features will be automated
  • Test scripts don’t require maintenance
  • Automation tools can be purchased off the shelf
  • No QA is needed anymore
  • No ramp-up time is required
  • Profits will be instant

Options for Games’ Automated Testing

  • Basic AIs (e.g. our tourist selects randomly the direction in the maze)
  • Quick smoke tests during the automated build process (this may include loading the game, login, starting the tutorial, selecting the map, moving forward, running simple UI tests)
  • “Fake player” that would randomly choose the location, run, jump, avoid banana eating
  • Functional test server that will run the game for a fixed number of frames to check whether each level is loading correctly and there are no crashes
  • Stress tests with selected stress test software
  • Shortcuts or “cheat codes” built-in for devs and testers to buy something or get to a specific aspect of the game that would otherwise require extensive amounts of time (e.g. we can jump between levels, win them all, purchase the most expensive booster)
  • Device farm, created by Han, allows running regression tests in parallel on 5 various devices.

“Chip ’n’ Dale” for Your Project

  • Unit testing as the productive part of your QA program
  • Better code reviews
  • Well-balanced traceability matrix.
  • Dev Test session
  • Game testers from other projects
  • QA outsource

Five Deadly Sins of a Game Tester

  • Excessive trust in the game developer
  • No ad-hoc testing
  • Unreadable bug reports
  • No bug reporting
  • Lost focus

Wrapping Up

  • The recipe for effective game testing is = a well-organized approach + test automation framework + agile process
  • A well-organized approach is = well-described GDD + carefully crafted test strategy + testable and clear test cases for every feature in GDD + test execution according to the test plan + bug reporting + bug fixing
  • Test automation framework is = test cases for automated testing + testing scripts
  • Creating automated tests can reduce pre-release testing time by half, however, it doesn’t mean we don’t need a manual game tester on the project.
  • A well-established agile process will help the team to be the team and to be in time for the launch.
  • High-quality starts from the effective and positive code review culture
  • Long-time keeping focus during testing is not optional. Without this skill, it’s impossible to test games.



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