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The gaming market, which is developing quickly and adopting the newest technologies with unprecedented speed, gives us more and more new opportunities for the development of both our products and the entire company. We are best known for our real-time social multiplayer experiences, and with this approach when Huuuge got started we created Huuuge Casino that arguably in social casino context offered more engaging play together with other people in real-time experience that just felt different & better & more fun for many many players around the world.

What our “Huuuge Play Together” mantra signals is at the very core of all that we do. Not only is the Huuuge crew a global team of teams, but so are the people who play our games.

Sneak preview of Gatherers

Now we are about to start a new exciting journey and we are thrilled to give you a sneak preview of our Gatherers which is a real-time, cross-platform social co-op shooter game. Gatherers has been crafted by our amazing, very talented Helsinki team, focused on prototyping new experiences and bringing them quickly to the soft launch phase.

Picking off enemies and picking up loot to build your arsenal.

In Gatherers players explore vast worlds for valuable resources and together with other players battle against various enemies varying from small to massive ones. The game takes its hook from loot shooters, where the next coveted weapon or skill upgrade is always just a few more sessions away. We have been designing the Gatherers experience to support both shorter and longer gameplay sessions as our intention is to offer this game on a multi-platform basis: mobile + desktop

Fly over awesome terrains to locate enemies.

When we started developing Gatherers we noticed that the few games out there in the mobile co-op shooter space seem to be either hard-core sci-fi or military themed. This is not the direction we want to go. We are making Gatherers to be more approachable and attractive for a broader audience. Our levels and gameplay offer more variety, featuring open space exploration as well as tight battle arenas. Some of the levels transform significantly during the gameplay as you push back the flow of enemy factions together with your teammates. This is the experience we are super excited about. Check out the video and let us know what you think. Stay tuned!

Gatherers Team



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